Ashtavakra Gita - Nothing outside of me

Maitripa's Essential Mahamudra Verses
Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj - Quotes

Rays of the Absolute (the Legacy of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj)

The Lost Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj Archival Film 1979

Yoga Vasishta Sara - Nirvana

Be Still , I Am Satsang with Ramana Maharshi

Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi - Ulladu Narpadu 1/2

Who Am I ? - Documentary

call off the search sri harilal poonja papaji full movie (1993)

Papaji - Its So Simple
tony parsons - seeing and not seeing (text)

Wu Hsin - Natural state

St. John of the Cross - "Transcending all knowledge"

Heart Sutra in Sanskrit - Vidhya Rao (Eng sub)

Watts' Nirvana

Adi Da Samraj: The Essence Of The Way Of Adidam

The Heart of the Prajna Paramita Sutra
Ramana Maharshi's 40 Verses on Reality - Part 1 of 4

Free in this Moment

Jean Klein - The Flame of Being

Sri. Annamalai Swami - Interview

UG Krishnamurti, The Natural State, Old TV Documentary

UG Krishnamurti, talks with friends, Amsterdam 1982 (Audio Only) 

who wants to know what? - ramesh balsekar -- courtesy of advaita.org 

Roger Castillo

Lisa Cairns - Reflections


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